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Hurricane Updates to Waste Management Website From the Experts at NetProfession

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As a leading South Florida web design firm, NetProfession creates and maintains websites for our clients to help them present themselves effectively online. We also offer support for short-term and emergency updates for clients who need these specialized services. Recently, we created hurricane updates for the Waste Management utility company website that were designed to provide up-to-date information on the services provided by this company during hurricane warnings and the inclement weather associated with these major storms. This allowed customers of Waste Management to access the latest information on trash collection schedules during this stressful period of time.

Our Detail-oriented Approach

The updates NetProfession performed on the Waste Management website included the following facets:

  • Integration of a live clock and calendar feature for the utility company website.
    NetProfession also added a map of the state of Florida with county-specific information on changes and updates to scheduled services.
  • Our team converted the site to make it fully manageable by the client, which will allow Waste Management to make necessary updates and changes to the utility company website as circumstances dictate.
  • NetProfession optimized the website’s speed to allow faster access by end users.
    • We added a disability plug-in to comply with ADA accessibility requirements.
  • Finally, the NetProfession team set up a Google profile and Google Analytics to allow the Waste Management site to show up on searches. This will also allow us to track traffic to the site more efficiently.

These changes will allow Waste Management to communicate more effectively with its customers during service disruptions caused by hurricanes and other major tropical storms. Our South Florida web design team is proud of the work we did on behalf of the utility company website and its customers.

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