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Organic “SEO”

Have you ever wondered how your competitors make there way to the top ten rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN? Search engine optimization is the solution to increase the visibility of your site and place it among the top ten search engine rankings. An in-dept analysis of your site is crucial to make sure that the content is good and that your site follows the search engine algorithms. Once your site achieves both these objectives it will easily stand out among thousands of websites.Netprofession specializes in the field of search engine optimization and offers selective SEO services. We follow white-hat SEO techniques to ensure that you get the best result.

Our organic SEO package includes the following:

Keyword Research (20 maximum): We will research and select the appropriate keywords for your site.

Review Report: If your site has got any problem we will prepare a review report to list out those site problems.

SEO Documentation: Our expert team members will prepare SEO documents which contains unique Meta tags for all pages, H1 tags, alt attributes etc.

Footer: We offer suggestions for footer text links and footer text messages that are relevant to your site.

Canonical Issue: We will also solve if there is any canonical issue that means several URLs pointing to the same content.

Error Page: We will configure 404 error page, so that your visitor doesn’t leave your site for typing invalid URL or any such issue.

Sitemap Creation: We will also create HTML & XML sitemap for your website.

Site Submission: Submission of site will be done into Google Webmaster Central.

Google Analytics: Addition of Google Analytics code to your site is done by Netprofession as well.

Upload robots.txt: We create and upload robot text to block the pages that you don’t want search engines to crawl.

We implement all the above services if FTP/CMS access is available. And guess what? Netprofession offers all these services, please Contact Us for more information.

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